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#1 Instagram organic growth service. Not bots, no fake followers, only organic growth. Laser focused targeting. Never get blocked again!

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Instagram Experts
You will be working with one of the top Instagram experts who will be assigned to your account. Your Instagram expert will be available via phone, email or text anytime you have questions.
We engage with your potential audience on your behalf 24/7 and attract them to your page. Our powerful DM features engages with your existing or new followers and promote your brand.
With our laser focused targeting capabilities you can target your audience by Location (city, states or countries), Hashtags or Competition accounts
Watch your growth on daily basis through our in-depth reporting portal. We track performance of each target.

Instagram Marketing

Don't just build followers, build customers on Instagram. Our highly skilled Instagram experts work with you 1-on-1 to meet your objective. With over 1000+ clients we know a think or two about Instagram growth. Contact us today.

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Easy price options
You are a brand or influencer who is looking to grow organically and care about targeted growth.

Moderate Growth

Smart Filters

20 Targets

Hashtag Targeting

Location Targeting

Competition Targeting

Auto DM (limited)

Analytics Report

Email Support

$99.99 Billed Monthly (cancel anytime)

Excellent for growing and engaging highly targeted relevant followers. You care about engagement, leads, traffic from your Instagram page to your website or other channels. Convert followers into customers.

Maximum Growth

Smart Filters

Unlimited Targets

Hashtag Targeting

Location Targeting

Gender Targeting

Competition Targeting

Auto DM (unlimited)

Analytics Report

1 on 1 Phone Support

Fan page (optional)

$149.99 Billed Monthly (cancel anytime)

Common questions about out Services

  • Does Gaulx offer any guarantee?

    We offer 3 days of money back guarantee. All followers gained through our service are 100% organic and real people. If you are not satisfied with your growth let us know and we will issue you a full refund. No questions asked.

  • I am blocked, what should I do?

    Immediatly call one of our Instagram experts and we will help you resolve your issue. Most likely the service you are using is not doing a good job and Instagram is not happy about it. We can help!

  • I received a nasty message from Instagram.

    This is due to the service you are using. Change your password and setup some time with one of our Instagram experts who can help you resolve your issue.

  • Are followers gained organic?

    All growth is 100% organic. We do not believe in fake followers. Followers gained are truly interested in your profile.

  • What methods are used to gain followers?

    Every account have different needs. We will determine what method is best suited for your account after we discuss your main objective with you. There is no one formula that works for all. Common misconception is to follow and then unfollow people and you will gain followers.

  • How many followers should I expect to gain?

    All growth is organic. Growth will vary based on targets and type of posts you have on your profile. We can not guarantee any numbers, sorry.

  • How to generate email list from my followers on Instagram?

    Yes, its possible and many of our clients are enjoying business growth using this method. Contact us today and we can help you get all setup so you can start to generate email list from your new followers.

  • Return Policy?

    We are confident that you will fall in love with our service. We will issue a full refund in case you choose to part ways within 3 days of service.

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We can target your audience based on gender or desired location (i.e Los Angeles, Miami, Denver...).
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